Hurricane Dorian has unfortunately already taken 20+ lives and leaving The Bahamas in destruction and now has moved up the coast.  Disaster Aid USA is collaborating with our partner organization, Disaster Aid Canada, in providing smart aid. We will be keeping an eye on Dorian as it comes up along the Eastern Coastline as inland and coastal flooding is a possibility.
Disaster Aid USA has Domestic Response Trailers prepositioned in Florida (2) Georgia (1) Virginia (1) and Maryland (1). Texas (4) and Louisiana (3) are on standby and DAUSA also has access to a private plane if needed as well. DAUSA is in touch with emergency officials and we are waiting to see where the storm goes just as they are. We will be in touch with our contacts in the Bahamas soon as we have helped them during the past hurricanes to reestablish contacts and communication lines.

As we continue to monitor the situation and prepare our response, please do not forget to share the work we are doing with your local networks and please help us raise funds that will go directly to the people in need.