By President Jim Spain

Feeding those in need....

The Capital City Sunrise Rotary Club served those in need of a healthy meal this week at the Open Door Community Kitchen.

In these difficult times we served our usual nutritious meal with a special side dish. The side dish was compassion... compassion for the people that dined with us. Yes, they needed a meal, but fear of the unknown can only be satisfied by a person taking time to talk with the lonely.... it just took a minute to tell them - everything will be alright. It was with heavy heart the Rotarian's served this meal and provided this compassion. Sometimes you have to wonder, who is feeding who? The meal was delicious, the conversation very comforting. We left this meal with a better understanding of placing service above self.

Please be safe, take the time to speak to the people. Your conversation might be the only contact a person might have with the world this day. Make a difference by serving your own side dish of compassion - it will be good for your soul.